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Vinna Matchen's data protection policy

The following data protection policy applies to Vinna Matchen AB (corp. No. 556954-9701).

Vinna Matchen provides its customers with a web application for goal management, improvement work and case management. The concept is based on informing, involving and engaging the individual employee in the continuous development of the business, in line with its overall goals and vision. Therefore, our customers register their employees as users in the system and encourage them to be active in the system regarding both collecting, writing and sharing information. The information must be business / business critical. Thus, our customers and their employees have no right to document other information in the system. Only the customer himself and / or his designated partner has access to the information.

The system also has built-in authorization levels, which means that the customer can limit the opportunities for users to be active in the system or read from the system. The information and data are not used for anything other than to develop the customer's own business. Web applications incl. its data is stored in Sweden by a professional Swedish player, details about its security classification and routines are documented. Users have the right to access their information and have incorrect information corrected and if there are no legal obstacles, have their personal information deleted.

Any complaints regarding our handling of data are made to the contact person below and, if necessary, also to the Data Protection Inspectorate .

Contact person:

CEO Olof Rentzhog
070-886 48 94

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