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With Vinna Matchen's web application, everyone has full control of the results and the status of ongoing improvements and measures

Our user-friendly web application is easy to customize and supports the work process for:
  • Goal management

  • Digital Lean board

  • Manage improvements, deviations and incidents

  • Case management

  • Visualize data from different systems

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Simplify your everyday life

The web application continuously gives you an overall picture of how it is going and helps you to keep the right focus by linking the measures to the goals of the business. Your most important data is automatically made available and understandable to managers and employees.  


The web application can be described as a digital Lean board, where cases can be reported via mobile. It becomes a support for making the right priorities in everyday life and provides a clear overview of work tasks such as the status of improvements and other matters.

The key to success is that weekly meeting with the work team to follow up the trends in the measurements and celebrate successes, discuss solutions to challenges and customer needs, and drive the improvement work forward, which should also lead to that working methods are developed.

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Easy data entry and visualization of results & control measures for all business levels.


Select and manage your case types such as improvements, deviations, incidents, accidents and projects.


Automate and visualize your customer & employee surveys or use as an entry form.

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