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Get started quickly


Our start-up package gives you an easy way to improvement and goal management

We help you choose clear metrics in line with the purpose of the business and who creates commitment and drive for improvement at the employee level.

We also help you establish short effective drive meetings. During these, you sum up, together with the employees, the week's work and whether you won the match and initiate improvements that make the team with its work processes and results even better.

Vinna Matchen's web application makes it easy to both get started and keep the process alive, which gives results in everyday life.

"A good tool for setting clear goals and creating participation and engagement."

Krister Blomgren

CEO, Engcon

The contents of our start-up package


Workshop 1

• Training in effective goal management and improvement work

• Determine the match structure, ie the division for goal control

• Define your performance and control measures


Practical preparations

• Customize IT support

• Solve the practicalities of the measurements

• Read your data history in the measurements


Workshop 2

• Design goal management process and plan start-up

• Training in the web application

• Training in how to lead an approximately 15 min goal management meeting


Kick off in the team

• Education in effective goal management and improvement work

• Focus on someone challenge and brainstorm ideas

• Education in the web application


Ongoing support

• Coaching of the team leaders during the first period 

• Follow-up of progress

• Adjustments and updates of dimensions and its goals

In addition to company-adapted educations, Vinna Matchen is often hired as an educator in coaching / process development / goal management at, for example, Linköping University, Chalmers University of Technology, Uppsala University, Gävle University, Mid Sweden University, Gotland University, Linnaeus University. Over the past 10 years, we have trained thousands of people and with high marks on the course evaluations.

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