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Improve control over the company's finances

Our concept is based on 20 years of experience in financial management from international billion-dollar groups to smaller companies in various industries. Based on what plan you have for the business, the concept helps you steer towards and achieve your long-term goals. The report in Vinna Matchen's web application in combination with our financial reports for example:


  • How well does the company perform in comparison with the industry?

  • How strong is the company's finances and what are the risks?

  • How well prepared is the company for a cyclical change?

  • How do you improve the financial management in the company?


Our experienced finance coaches help you to continuously develop the activities and measures that will take the company from the current situation to the goal.


Simple visual report

Get the economy and its risks easily and understandably presented every month.



Show the financial potential through benchmarking analysis compared with selected relevant industry colleagues.


Set goals and follow up

Set goals, visualize data and monitor progress via key figures.


Daily  improvements

Work on improvements and regular follow-up in Vinna Matchen's web application.

Our web application easily retrieves data from all financial systems and reports your finances in just over 20 financial key figures. Of these, a number are selected based on the objectives of financial management and current challenges.

1 ekonomistyrning.png
2 ekonomistyrning.png
3 ekonomistyrning.png

All key figures are updated by reading the standard SIE files. The company only sees the key figures they have chosen, but can change key figures if necessary. The industry statistics show your strengths and weaknesses compared to your industry colleagues. The upper quartile of benchmarking gives an idea of how great the potential is and you can actively work with managing profitability & returns, capital & cash flow and your risk profile.

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