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Manage users


  • Users of the matches are administered by clicking on the gear symbol at the top right and select " Manage users " either in the current match or for the entire arena.

  • Click on " Add… " to add a new user.

  • You can now choose between setting up a personal account or a public account shared by several people.

  • Then select the permission level with rights according to the table below.

  • Click on "Save" and the new user will be posted.

  • If it is a personal account, the user will now automatically receive an email with instructions on how to choose a password.

  • If the person is already posted, no email will be sent out.


In general:

  • All users have "User - Limited" privileges in all matches within an arena.

  • Users have the same right in the underlying matches as in the main match they are registered for.

  • Arena-level rights take effect in all arena matches.

  • The exceptions where users have rights in matches they are not users of are shown below.

  • Users who are posted with the permission Guest only has access to the match on which he is posted as a user.

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