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Vinna Matchen


Vinna Matchen's web application includes a survey tool that is appreciated for its ease of use and functionality. The survey results are reported in real time in one or more measures / diagrams in the web application. Many of our customers also use surveys as an input form for data to their charts in our web application.

The survey tool is used for, for example:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Employee surveys

  • Input form of data to measurements

  • Survey stations via tablet on stand

It is easy to make a new survey, reuse a previously made survey and automate and time future mailings.


The survey tool has a number of smart features such as:


  • Copy and reuse  a survey

  • Save their survey response

  • Handles emojis & language symbols

  • Automate mailings & reminders

  • See response history & handle email stubs

There is a good selection of question types, but we are flexible and produce new ones based on customer needs.


Via our concept Win the Customer, the survey tool is used to measure treatment and customer satisfaction via a tablet with floor stand.  

If necessary, we assist our customers with customized pdf reports and consulting support for survey design.

Sample survey:


Automatic accounting in one or more charts

In our web application, choose to report all questions with an answer scale in a diagram or select one or more questions that are reported in own charts.

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