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Measure the experience of service and treatment

The survey is displayed on a tablet with a stand, delivered ready to be exhibited!

1 vinna kunden.png
1B vinna kunden.png

We send a pre-programmed tablet with floor racks that you set up in, for example, the customer entrance and connect to a power source.


The tablet is programmed in kiosk mode, ie is locked and only shows the customer survey and does not go into sleep mode.


You continuously see the result in a diagram by logging in via our web application.

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2 vinna kunden.png

It also includes a survey for employee satisfaction that is emailed out every week, e.g. on questions is how the work has worked, what has been good and if there are improvement measures. The survey results are reported weekly to the staff. The improvement proposals and measures are also documented in the web application, which makes it easy to follow up and see if the measures give results.

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